It is reasonable to expect that in the year 2015, the predominant way of doing math will no longer be by pen and paper, but in an integrated web-based math-development system that supports the mathematician in all aspects of mathematics. (

Publishing Math on the Web

This page compares three web-versions of this article Eulerian polynomials (pdf). They all should look like more or less the same in your browser (see the links below). The difference is in their representation as web pages.

I recommend to install good math fonts before proceeding.

After installation the items in the following list should all display in your browser. For writers new to TeX this Wikipedia cheat sheet is helpful.

Basically you have three options when implementing a mathematical page on the web: to use equations images, to use a script based display engine like MathJax or to code in MathML, a XML dialect. However, MathML is a low-level specification designed for describing mathematics for machine to machine communication and equation images do not scale with the surrounding text. Thus MathJax seems to be the most attractive way to go. The three implementations of the article illustrate these three approaches.

tech: Images MathJax MathML
file type: html html xhtml
script: no yes no
text font: Cambria Cambria Cambria
math font: -- MathJaxFont StixGeneral
test page: click click click
Safari good very good not supported
 Explorer  good good needs plugin
Firefox good  good very good
Opera good mediocre readable
Chrome good  good not supported

Tests were performed on a Windows XP system using the current browsers (2010-08-08), in the case of Firefox it was 4.0 (Beta3). (Here is an experimental version using Html5; it requires Firefox 4.)

Recommendations (relative to our limited test setup):

Safari with MathJax (Cambria) Opera with MathML (Trebuchet)
Firefox 3 with MathML (Trebuchet) Firefox 4 with MathJax (Cambria)

Here three other test pages using the MathJax-setup.

Acknowledgment: I would like to thank Davide P. Cervone for pointing out a bug and a misconfiguration in my initial setup.